About us.

Built Right

Introducing Amphibious Equipment Solutions: Specialized excavators and carrier trucks for all your work on wet and uncertain terrain.

Why go amphibious? Because we float.

Since 2011, Amphibious Equipment Solutions has been building manufacturing solutions for work on muskeg and other uncertain terrain.

Imagine working on ice, muskeg, swamps, ponds and rivers knowing your risk is minimized because you are using amphibious equipment. Our machines are manufactured to meet the needs of a variety of sectors and a variety of tasks: From forestry to mining and from energy to the environment, we build machines that solve problems. We are cost effective, efficient, capable, and environmentally friendly. Our low ground pressure is perfect for remediation and reclamation work—and we can customize our machines for any job.

Change the way you work.

We sell adaptable amphibious undercarriages and full machines, built to your specifications.

If you have never used amphibious equipment before—but would like to try it. If you think amphibious equipment is old fashioned—but know it could be better. If you are frustrated by the lack of alternatives for work in swamps, lakes, rivers, marshes, ice, muskeg, tailings ponds, and so much more. If you want better access for work dredging everything from sewage lagoons to the local marina. If you think ice roads and swamp matting have served their purpose—in the past. And if you want safety features customized to your work requirements.

If this you, contact us today.